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Floor plan advice... Kitchen layout. Cathedral ceiling advice.

5 years ago

Hello! I have been enjoying all the great advice I see on this page and now it's time to ask for some advice myself! I'm building my first house on my mom's farm. I put this one together finally and this is what my draftsman sent me. It's just me and my boyfriend and pets. The house is in northern Indiana and will be built into a slope. The basement plan is not done yet. Waiting on my first floor to be confirmed.

Advice: how is my kitchen layout? I know of the kitchen triangle and it seems okay but the only other option I have is putting the refrigerator on the sink wall but I don't have uppers on that wall so I think it would stick out visually.

Second: do I have enough room going from my foyer into the house past the stairs? Since they're open maybe it will feel open enough?

Third: the cathedral ceilings in the dining and living... They're different depths so they zag over... A "ceiling break"?? Is this odd? I can't find any pictures online of what exactly that is. And what is the best option to cover the cathedral ceilings? Beams? Wood? Drywall? Is the wood the most expensive way?

Feel free to chime in on any other parts that you think could be improved? Thank you!

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