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Exterior Low-Voltage Transformer Question

6 years ago

Hi folks - I'm posting this message in the 'Lighting' and
'Landscaping' forum with the hopes of clarifying something I don't have
too much experience with. I'm in the process of constructing this 2-post
pergola on the side of my house. I'm incorporating 4' tall cedar
planter boxes at the base of each post, which allow me to grow climbing
plants in. I currently have a 'VOLT' low-voltage transformer plugged
into a GFCI to the left of pergola (as depicted by that black arrow). I
have two low-voltage lighting fixtures that currently feed into that
transformer to light the front side of house. I eventually want to add
two additional low-voltage fixtures to provide uplighting to the two
pergola post. I drew white Xs to represent the locations of those two
additional spotlights. The problem I'm facing is that there's only 1
available clamp connector inside my transformer. I assumed that I could
only plug in a single fixture into each clamp connector. I read
somewhere that I could actually plug in multiple wires into a single
clamp connector. It sounds dangerous, so I just wanted to post the
message to get feedback from people that understanding lighting better
than myself. Thank you kindly!