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Low-voltage recessed wiring questions

13 years ago

Hi all -

We want to wire five Nora MR-11 low-voltage recessed light fixtures (2") to a 300W torroidal magnetic transformer, as part of a kitchen rehab.

This first venture into low-voltage wiring has us baffled...

First, how do we connect the transformer output wire (12V) to the fixtures? According to instruction diagrams, each fixture has an 18" braided wire and plug that connects to a multi-tap connector, which receives the 12V output wire from the transformer. Since the other fixtures are farther apart than 18", we can not plug them into this multi-tap connector and we will need some sort of "extension wiring".

Second, rather than use a multi-tap connector, should we cut off the braided wire plug and connect the wires to the transformer output with wirenuts inside an electrical box? This would seem to conform to code, but the instructions say nothing about this option.

Third, what guage wire should we use? The distance from the transformer to the farthest fixture is about 16 feet. The instructions for the lights and transformer are not too clear. The transformer installation sheet has a voltage drop table that suggests runs of up to 90 feet are possible with thicker-gauge wire. But the MR-11 installation sheet says "Transformer must be mounted within 18 inches of an individual fixture".

Any help with this would be appreciated!

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