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Bathroom project re-starting. Question about vanity tower/ceiling

6 years ago

So my bathroom project is starting again. Yeah! There's a lingering question that I need to decide on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Fur down, or not, above vanity: The vanity is going to have a storage tower in the middle of it. Since the bathroom has 10' ceilings, I need to decide how to treat the extra 2' between the top of the vanity and the ceiling. One option is to fur down the ceiling the same depth of the tower and trim that with panels and crown to "tie" the vanity to the ceiling. The tower will be 9" deep. The other option is to leave the ceiling alone, and just have the tower end at the 8' mark and wrap the crown around the tower and which would tie into the framing for the mirrors. I can see pros and cons for each option. Fur down pro is that we could put 2 small lights in there (there will be 4 sconces in mirrors), and I think it will be nice to tie the vanity to the ceiling, so it's not just hanging out there with 2' of air space above. Con could be that it will look cluttered, or maybe visually to heavy?

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