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Starting research for bathroom remodel

We're starting to research remodeling our master bath (small, 3/4 bath - shower, no tub), and I'm looking for sites or discussions on approaches, different options, and tradeoffs. I'd love an "everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling" tutorial

We've been to one kitchen and bath center that's full service, managing the entire process (GC, permits, etc.). They said ballpark $30K, and require a $1500 retainer which buys just the cost estimate (i.e., we work with them on design plans but if we decide not to continue with them, we don't get written plans, just the estimate). The other place we visited seemed more like a showroom for vanities, and didn't leave us with a feeling that they specialized in design.

We also have a good GC that we used to replace all our windows, and would happily use them again, but then don't know where to go for design services. And what are the tradiffs between having the design service be separate from the contractor versus one shop doing everything?

I'm also interested in guidance for the basic decisions, Are there different types of tile, and what are the tradeoffs? What about door design, ease of cleaning, avoiding moisture collecting? The shower is narrow (an inch narrower than the standard fiberglass sizes at HD), and close to the toilet, so how can we be sure about door choices? What do we need to worry about for installing a tiled shower?

Most of the floor is 12" tile, but there's a rectangular pad at the existing vanity that has a border of one inch tile and then different tile mostly hidden by the vanity. It's in good condition but the sink area not the most esthetically pleasing. Should we even consider replacing the floor, and with what? Replace all the tile or just the area around the sink. Or pick a vanity first and see how much of the tile it would cover?

Obviously lots of questions, and I don't expect specific answers, just a place to go to learn about issues and options. Many thanks.

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