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Luxury Vinyl "wood" floor in kitchen?

4 years ago

Sorry if I sound paranoid or nit-picky. This will be the final selection for my carefully designed kitchen and I would hate for it to ruin the overall look.

Has anyone installed this in their kitchen? Are you happy with it? Any regrets? How well does it pass for real wood in your opinion? How does it feel under foot? When you walk across it in shoes, does it the sound give it away (ie, duller than the click you get from solid wood)? Do your guests typically take it for real wood? I'm considering this style from Moduleo's Embellish collection in Highland Hickory. I felt that the darker, more textured finishes looked more authentic, but I have a sample sitting in my currently gutted kitchen and in some lights I think it might have a rubber look to it. To be honest, I think I'm overthinking it because I know it's vinyl. For what it's worth, the look of reclaimed wood and tones of this particular tile are what drew me to it. It has the exact the mix of shades that I had been looking for in wood. The fact that it is so practical was initially a bonus, but has now turned me off to the maintenance and cost of wood. If it looks fake, however, I'll go back to wood in a heartbeat. Thoughts?

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