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Wood floor or Luxury vinyl for kitchen/first floor of new build home?

3 years ago

We are building a ranch for my parents (early 70s) and we are trying to figure out the best floor type for the home. We are debating between hard wood and luxury vinyl.

The color of the floor is mostly going to be driven by the color of our kitchen cabinetry as the color of the doors will drive the color of the crown moldings and wainscoting throughout the first floor.

They have selected the following kitchen:

Candlelight Cabinetry

Door: Canterbury

Color: English Linen

We are also debating the following for the island:

  • A butcher block countertop and English Linen painted cabinetry or
  • The same color quartz top with a wood finish on the cabinetry (like Cherry etc).

So, now back to the question - we want to have really nice flooring - but are stuck on brand/style and type.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


PS: Attached is a stock photo from the website - we will not have the dated portions that you see here - cabinets go to ceiling - nothing over the window and the second image below is what the fan will look like above the counter top stove.

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