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August Brings the Sheaves of Corn . . . and a Harvest of Books

6 years ago

A quick read The Best Medicine by Georgie Edwards.

A book of reminiscences going back to the '40's when GE trained as a nurse in a leading London hospital then, after completing the course decided she wanted to go on to study medicine; almost unheard of in those days especially at Barts (St Bartholomew's) the oldest and probably most famous hospital in London.

This book could have been SO much better. The author wrote it in her eighties and needed some serious help with the blue pencil as many parts are repeated. Everyone has blue, grey, hazel, stern, twinkly eyes and her husband is always 'beloved'. The lists of exams taken, scholarships received, doubts overcome is rather tedious, but there are a few interesting 'stories' about her time on the wards and battles with senior nursing Sisters and high and mighty consultants (ie the top Dr's in UK hospitals)

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