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Need Quiet and Effective Hood Liner for 59.25" Lacanche Range

Joe Blow
5 years ago

Good morning. I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out which range hood liner would be best over my 59.25" Lacanche Citeaux and I'm hoping you guys can direct me to the best option. The salesman at the appliance store is telling me that the internally mounted VentAHood will be quieter and more effective than an externally mounted Wolf (he sells both). My HVAC/Vent guy says just the opposite. This is part of an addition and the range is on an external side wall of the house so we have mounting options. My current Dacor vent is so loud I cannot hear anyone 5' away when I'm cooking, which makes me feel very isolated! It is also very ineffective so our fire alarm goes off every time I sear a steak! Another issue is with width. The widest Wolf liner PL582212 is 58" although Wolf insists that it is the right size for their 60" range. The VAH has a 66" Premier Magic Lung model BH464PSLD that would be wider than my range by a few inches (actually 64.375"). I don't really fry but I do sear meat. Thanks in advance for your help!

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