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HELP! Awful Bedroom Carpet Color Picked by Landlord

7 years ago


This is a repost with more details and pictures as requested because I couldn't find an edit post option. Sorry! I am knew to this.

Original: Designers! I'm in need of tremendous help to find colors (wall colors, bed sheets, rugs, etc) that match with my new 1980s ash brown carpet my landlord picked out. I have very dark furniture (dark brown/black) and white and gray curtains that must remain. Any suggestions?!?! Thank you

Edit: Hello! Thank you for the quick responses. Sorry I wasn't specific enough. This is for my bedroom. I am going for a modern minimalist theme. I had to disassemble my bedframe for the carpet installation. My furniture which includes 2 of the same tables, a nightstand, and a 6ft mirror are the same color as my headboard and bed frame. In addition, I have some black/white photos and floating shelf arrangements I'd like to keep too. I attached more photos of the items I described. I am struggling to find a wall color and rugs/accessories to mask/mute the carpet color and overall tie everything in the room together. PS. What kind of baseboard should I go for too? Thank you!

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