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Using plastic container as barrierUpdated 2 minutes ago
Posted by Late Sound Bamboo last Friday 2 Comments
Need a tried and true brussel sprouts, please!Updated 3 minutes ago
Posted by glenda_al The Kitchen Table 5 hours ago 6 Comments
Missing friends
Posted by Rosefolly Antique Roses 3 minutes ago
Importation of seeds into AustraliaUpdated 3 minutes ago
Posted by gregaryb Cacti In Oz July 2, 2005 43 Comments
Gap between backsplash and over-the-range microwave?Updated 4 minutes ago
Posted by hjs Kitchens last Thursday 27 Comments
Inspiration and help sought - turning a 12,400 gal pool into a pond.Updated 6 minutes ago
Posted by stewall Ponds & Aquatic Plants March 12, 2015 15 Comments
spreading your wings to other AV groupsUpdated 7 minutes ago
Posted by fortyseven_gw African Violets 11 hours ago 3 Comments
TexasweedUpdated 9 minutes ago
Posted by grasshole Lawn Care 4 hours ago 4 Comments
Here we go (again!!!)Updated 10 minutes ago
Posted by aurorawa Hoyas February 4, 2015 18 Comments
Anyone used solid surface backsplash with granite countertops?Updated 11 minutes ago
Posted by Carol Vesier Kitchens 7 hours ago 5 Comments
Honed Vermont Danby marble countertop owners... Love it or leave it???Updated 12 minutes ago
Posted by Pippin Kitchens February 21, 2015 12 Comments
House plan design (suggestions/advice)??Updated 13 minutes ago
Posted by cherieab Building A Home 3 hours ago 7 Comments
David Austin Backlash... Well post your FAV Austin Pic here.Updated 14 minutes ago
Posted by silverkelt Antique Roses January 22, 2010 84 Comments
seed germinateUpdated 14 minutes ago
Posted by dons916 Beans, Peas & Legumes 11 hours ago 3 Comments
Strategies for washing dishes in a large single sink vs double sinkUpdated 17 minutes ago
Posted by ontariomom Kitchens 14 hours ago 36 Comments
House exterior - cedar siding alternative?
Posted by juno_barks Home Decorating 18 minutes ago
Has Anyone Tried "Atomic Grow"? Does It Work As Claimed?Updated 19 minutes ago
Posted by gadgetvictim Citrus March 22, 2015 15 Comments
Narrow, Stellar Leaves & Tiny White Flowers?Updated 19 minutes ago
Posted by blakrab Centex Name That Plant! Yesterday 5 Comments
Moving floor vent to toekick areaUpdated 21 minutes ago
Posted by cathy725 Heating & Air Conditioning March 1, 2013 6 Comments
Rootstock question.Updated 21 minutes ago
Posted by sowandgrow Rose Propagation & Exchange March 17, 2015 8 Comments
any truth to jerry bakers tonics?Updated 23 minutes ago
Posted by Dan Zaklan Lawn Care 13 hours ago 13 Comments
TIGHT Space for Mirrors (Between the Light Fixture and Backsplash) :(Updated 23 minutes ago
Posted by Monrovia Mom Home Decorating 1 hour ago 1 Comment
"Ledge" sinks and accessories -- do you use them?Updated 25 minutes ago
Posted by denizenx Kitchens last Friday 26 Comments
Sign up NOW for spring RR!Updated 25 minutes ago
Posted by Linda African Violet Exchange last Wednesday 5 Comments
Need help with sealing gunite to rock, and black algeUpdated 28 minutes ago
Posted by Klint Turney Pools & Spas last Monday 2 Comments
can homeowner so electrical work in his own home ? (above ground pool)Updated 30 minutes ago
Posted by growingadvice Electrical Wiring 13 hours ago 4 Comments
Swimming pool wiringUpdated 31 minutes ago
Posted by dalemd88 Electrical Wiring January 30, 2015 3 Comments
THE Best!Updated 31 minutes ago
Posted by digit Rocky Mountain Gardening last Wednesday 22 Comments
WANTED: seafoam&firebirdUpdated 31 minutes ago
Posted by parr African Violet Exchange May 11, 2012 6 Comments
How much has your Danby Marble countertops scratched?Updated 32 minutes ago
Posted by Pippin Kitchens 7 hours ago 3 Comments
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