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What is a McMansion? Tell Us In 25 Words or LessUpdated 3 minutes ago
Posted by kswl2 Home Decorating 12 hours ago 32 Comments
Moister MeasurementUpdated 3 minutes ago
Posted by bobv2 House Plants 1 hour ago 1 Comment
Do you like your Viscont White granite counters?Updated 4 minutes ago
Posted by Nan57 Kitchens September 23, 2013 40 Comments
Please help me find an eco-friendly black-and-white floor!?Updated 4 minutes ago
Posted by dawdlinmama Kitchens 6 hours ago 9 Comments
Flower Wall Stickers
Posted by oopp Home Decorating 4 minutes ago
Wood or metal registers for new wood floors?Updated 4 minutes ago
Posted by bellacucina Flooring January 6, 2011 13 Comments
What kind of tape to use?Updated 5 minutes ago
Posted by Jasdip The Kitchen Table 7 hours ago 6 Comments
American Hornbeam: Leaf Damage, Possible Pest Problem, Need HelpUpdated 6 minutes ago
Posted by zebakers Bonsai 9 minutes ago 1 Comment
Germinating Bismarckia nobilis in cool subtropical climateUpdated 6 minutes ago
Posted by PicoAzores Palms & Cycads November 11, 2014 15 Comments
When to start feeding in Second Tray of Worm FactoryUpdated 6 minutes ago
Posted by charlieboring Vermicomposting Yesterday 16 Comments
Somerset Country Hardwood Made in ChinaUpdated 6 minutes ago
Posted by blondie859111 Flooring January 13, 2011 56 Comments
I got my bees!Updated 7 minutes ago
Posted by mxk3 Perennials 2 hours ago 2 Comments
Shower Size OK?Updated 7 minutes ago
Posted by ntrainer Bathrooms November 5, 2014 26 Comments
Photo album (for Sans)Updated 9 minutes ago
Posted by Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL Sansevieria February 19, 2015 38 Comments
Starting an urban farm
Posted by chardy_har_har Market Gardener 10 minutes ago
Is it cheating to use varieties that were bread from natives?Updated 10 minutes ago
Posted by gribbleton Native Plants February 22, 2015 5 Comments
Anyone order Sonatinis?Updated 10 minutes ago
Posted by kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA) Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Yesterday 3 Comments
What's For Dinner #337Updated 11 minutes ago
Posted by ann_t Cooking January 24, 2015 82 Comments
Need some serious Daylily helpUpdated 11 minutes ago
Posted by msskriss Daylilies 22 hours ago 3 Comments
The perfect pad for a kitchen runner!!Updated 13 minutes ago
Posted by bellsmom Kitchens on Sunday 15 Comments
Granite Grit SubstituteUpdated 13 minutes ago
Posted by flgrown1 Adenium 2 hours ago 2 Comments
Fruit drop on Paw paw
Posted by johndoug Fruit & Orchards 14 minutes ago
Difference in Oak Leaf and MacrophylasUpdated 14 minutes ago
Posted by seamommy Hydrangeas 3 hours ago 1 Comment
Water Softener - Where to start?Updated 16 minutes ago
Posted by sagosto Plumbing February 8, 2015 6 Comments
Improve Interiors
Posted by Home Ideas Home Decorating 17 minutes ago
Let's start a Chain Reaction Game! Get some activity going here.Updated 17 minutes ago
Posted by ravencajun Zone 8b TX The Kitchen Table February 19, 2015 380 Comments
Nobody does drop-in sink on stone countertop? Really?Updated 18 minutes ago
Posted by mudworm Kitchens March 17, 2011 50 Comments
Would you give this to the architect - take 2?Updated 18 minutes ago
Posted by boonieshome Building A Home on Monday 14 Comments
Zone 10b: Dog Friendly Ground CoveringUpdated 18 minutes ago
Posted by fraustachowski California Gardening 1 hour ago 1 Comment
Anyone wanna do Leaf shots? Hosta 'Dream Queen'Updated 19 minutes ago
Posted by hostahillbilly Hostas July 28, 2012 69 Comments
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