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Rubber Tree Dying! Brown spots and shriveling browning leaves

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Hey there I recently purchased an amazing rubber plant and for the first few months it was incredibly happy. Plenty of big strong new growth and it looked great. It is is a 10 inch pot with plenty of drainage holes. It sits near a south facing window with plenty of indirect sunlight but no direct rays.

I haven't changed the placement of the plant or really anything else about my care for it. I only water it when the soil is dry down to at least 2 inches deep into the soil, and then I water it thoroughly until water runs through the drainage holes in the nursery pot I have it in (inside the planter) Over the last 2-3 weeks or so leaves have been dropping like crazy. I barely touch them and they just fall off. Sometimes 5 leaves in a day. I'm so nervous there won't be any leaves left! The look like they are just drying up and some even have brown spots of them. They are loosing their color and have no sap in them almost like they are drying out. The new growth is also looking stunted. I took a look at the roots by taking the plant out of the pot (hopefully to find some diagnosis like root rot) but the roots seemed strong and it doesn't look pot-bound. I did however find lots of tiny tiny white bugs running around in the soil. There are also tons of centipede/millipede looking things. Are these hurting my plants? I don't see any bugs on the leaves themselves. Just a few tiny flies sometimes - maybe fungus nats?, so I have been misting sparingly with neem oil/water. Please see pictures and help me save my favorite plant! Thanks!

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