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What is causing these brown spots/speckle on my rubber tree?

Ria N
6 years ago

I brought this rubber tree home a few weeks ago an I noticed last week that it developed some brown colouring on the leaves. These has since turned into dry patches. I had to repot it because I saw the roots had been sticking out of the drain holes a few days ago and the problem ensued. The plant itself is usually situated at a south facing window during the day where it gets a lot of direct sunlight and moved back on the shelf during the night in order to close my shutter. I water it on a weekly basis and mist it every 2-3 days. the very top stem where new growth would appear seems a tad bit shrivelled. The leaves are still very perky and it would break my heart to see it droop. I was wondering if it is being under watered?

any advice/tips/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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