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Which soil should use to raise the lawn before putting on new sod

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I've digged out all the dead grasses for my backyard after the patio is installed. It leaves about 700 sq ft for new sod. Because of the slope of my backyard I also would like to raise the lawn for couple inch (approx. 4 - 5 inch) to make it more balanced for the lawn. I need about 10 cubic yard soil. There are couple different type of soil to choose from: screened topsoil, 50/50 compost/soil mix, or peat loam. Some sod farm companies recommend 50/50 compost/soil mix, some states that a regular screened topsoil is good enough, or either go for peat loam. It seems that 50/50 compost mix has a lot of benefits (e.g. reduce erosion. breaks up clay soils and so on) but it's cost more than screened topsoil. Which one should I use to build this soil foundation before the new sod put on?

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