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Kitchen remodel-option 1 vs option 2 & any advice?

6 years ago

Hello everyone,

First timer here.

I'm remodeling my rental's kitchen.

In the original layout, there is a closet (belongs to the adjacent bedroom) occupied a portion of the kitchen, and the stove next to the closet wall hampers the movement, also I'm thinking to install more cabinets, so I think I'll close off the door to the hallway to have a longer wall to achieve my goal.

Now I have two options:

Option 1 is to relocate the stove/range hood to the other wall.

Cost=relocate the stove/range hood part but less cabinets than option 2 (which is around $1000 less)

Option 2 is to take out the closet (non-bearing wall) and make it a U shape kitchen

Cost=demo of the closet+$1000 more than option 1+I have to buy wardrobe for the bedroom

If there is any other way than option 1 and 2, please also let me know too.

My second question is: should I put upper cabinets on the window wall?

I'd really appreciate any advice/suggestion.

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