Organization needed for fulfilling large baking orders

4 years ago

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HI! My 13 year old daughter has been scratch baking since she was 8. She loves it. She usually just bakes for the family, friends, to bring someone a gift, etc.

But...ever since she baked for a get-together we had, she has gotten a reputation in the neighborhood and at DH's workplace, and people are starting to order cookies and cupcakes from her for their parties, etc.

At first the orders were small, such as a dozen cookies or cupcakes, but now she's starting to get orders for 3 dozen or more! She recently really struggled with a large order because it just got away from her in terms or organization, storage, etc.

I think it comes down to storage and organization. I want to be able to give her some tips for how to handle the larger orders. Typically people will order "themed" sugar cookies or cupcakes that she will decorate, such as baseball-themed, beach-themed, 4th of July, etc. Since there is decorating involved there are many steps and the baked cookies or cupcakes need to be stored for a while (usually overnight if she bakes one day and decorates the next) until she can get through all the decorating. That interim storage step, and transporting the finished product are the steps that are giving her problems.

Can someone give me a few tips I can share with her? She really loves doing this, so if there is something I could buy for her to make it easier I will do that. I was thinking maybe a large tiered air-tight container or something like that where she can store the baked cookies while she's going through the decorating phase. She also needs a better way to transport the cookies to the customer. She does have 2 cup cake carriers, but nothing appropriate for flat cookies.

She wants to keep doing this so any organizational tips would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. She made delicious Boston cream pie cupcakes last weekend and now people are starting to order those!

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