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Heat source for a wok & best oven for baking/baking stone use?

15 years ago

I am deciding on kitchen cooking appliances. I am out of my depth because I've cooked on electric coil for 25 years and countertop induction for 18 months. We are vegetarian. As much as possible, our meals are made from scratch. I use a wok-shaped chefs pan for quick cooking vegetables for pasta, adding to sauces & gravies as well as stir frying. Induction is okay for that, but I am wondering if one gas burner would be better. I am thinking: 30'' Miele induction cooktop, gas wok burner, 30'' under-counter oven. If I don't get a wok burner, I would get the 36'' Miele because it has a larger /higher wattage burner. Thanks for your help. I really appreciate this.


The hotter the better for wok cooking, right? How many BTUs are necessary? Is the extra $1,000 worth the higher heat?

Miele: 650 BTU to 16,00 BTU. $ 949

Gaggenau: 1,000 BTU to 17,000 BTU $1,299

DCS: 30,000 BTU $1,919

Capital: 35,000 BTU $1,850

Viking: 27,500 BTU $2,500

The oven is another quandary. I do most of my daily baking for just the two of us in a cuissinart brick oven. But I need a larger oven for breads, large casseroles, and large baking stone (pizza, pita, breads). I had settled on an Electrolux when I was not considering adding gas. The gas line is practically under where the cooktop will be. Would a gas oven be better for my needs? I would consider any oven you recommend. Bluestar, American Range, Miele, Viking, Wolf?


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