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Master Bath Layout Help

6 years ago

I'm in the midst of a kitchen reno at the moment, but we're planning the master bathroom next so no time like the present for planning!

My existing bathroom is 20 years old with a fiberglass shower and jetted bathroom tub that is pretty much never used. I realize I could get everything I want if I lose the tub, but I'm not sure I want to do that due to resale considerations.

My main goals are to gain another vanity area or a larger/longer vanity and to enlarge the shower. I could lose the closet in the bathroom if need be. I would hate to shorten up the closet in the spare room adjacent to the bathroom and I don't want to lose my laundry chute. The doorway to the bathroom could change- moving toward the toilet/closet side if need be.

Any suggestions to get the most use out of this space?

Current layout.

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