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New build master bath layout help please

Am E
7 years ago

I’m a little stuck, and looking for ideas. In the new house
we want to build, I’d really like to have a first floor master suite. The thing
is, initially, we’ll both be using that space as an office/spare bedroom, and sleeping
in an upstairs bedroom instead. (We both work from home; having a nice large
office space on the first floor is something we’re really looking forward to).
The idea is that we can create a space for a future walk in closet, as that’s
easy to build later, but we can use the floor space now, since we don’t need
that much closet space yet. However, the
bathroom really needs to be laid out as a master suite from the beginning. Here
is what we have now:

We/the builder modified an existing plan to suit our site, it looks like

We modified it so we could see the approach to the house
from the office. Also, we wanted to
maximize the office floor space, and not devote a lot of floor space to the main

Anyone have any ideas on a better bath layout?

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