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Bedroom closet and entry door layout question

5 years ago


We are adding a bedroom to an existing space and I'm having trouble figuring out the best option for locating the bedroom entry and what exactly to do with the closet. The interior space I have to work with is 11'x13'7" and the room has a wall of very large windows. This will be a children's bedroom. One for now but planning for two young children to share the room. Here is the space:

My inclination is to do an entire wall of PAX wardrobes finished with drywall for a built-in look. This will save a few inches of space compared to a reach in closet. However the entry door position seems awkward if I do this. And I'm not sure if the door should swing left or right.

Another option is a smaller closet/wardrobe but i feel it might not be large enough. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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