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Any singles homeowners, men and women, being called "you guys?"

5 years ago

I just bought my second home as a single lady and this time I noticed something really odd--as people come over to do maintenance, repairs, and remodels before I move into the place, I'm often being referred to as "you guys." There's no ring on the finger, no sign of money being paid from a joint account, and no man that they've ever had to deal with through this whole process. It didn't happen so much with my first house (slightly smaller but same number of bedrooms) and I'm just curious how many singles, both men and women, have experienced this assumption from others that they are in a relationship and share their home with somebody else.

Usually when this happens I just continue to use "I" and hope people get the idea. They typically don't. It doesn't offend me but I wish I can think of a funnier response. What do you do when this happens?

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