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Unable to form a girl gang or just do girls' night out...

6 years ago

Hi: I just turned 50 and happily married with one kid in college, the other in HS. I work p/t and generally keep busy. But I do wish sometimes I had a female friend to just hang out with, go shopping or check out a new bar etc. Hubby is a homebody and very content with his Perry Mason books and McGyver re-runs. We occasionally do family stuff and go out. But it will be so nice to have friends I could regularly hang out with. The weekends get boring doing the same old chores, Costco runs etc.

I've tried volunteering but no friendships have formed from this or from my p/t job. I do contact my very small circle of friends to see if they want to walk outside, watch a movie but nobody responds positively. I guess everyone's busy with their own stuff. So now I've stopped calling these friends - I feel silly to initiate things all the time.

Why is it so hard to form steady female friendships here? I came to USA 25 years ago from India..I just had to stand on the balcony there and people would wave to me, the milkman would come etc, I'd hang out with my co-workers: it didn't seem so lonely there.

Thanks for reading this!!

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