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Koko Loko: tan with lavender undertones, so unique!

The unique coloring of Koko Loko has made this one of my favorite new rose purchases! My phone cannot seem to pick up the subtle shading and undertones, but it comes close.

There is more of a camel/tan coloring to it instead of the apricot shown. And there is a lavender/lilac undertone to it already! I can't wait to see it when it changes completely to lavender. I am going to have to find the perfect spot for this rose to really bring out the coloring. So unique and beautiful! Very light fragrance, but the coloring makes up for it in my book!

First bud opening...

Couple of days later (it's been in the 70s so blooms aren't opening quickly)...

View from the other side (much more lavender and tan than it's showing, instead of apricot and pink)

View from the top...

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