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Are there several baby monstera plants in here?

Ame Jo
6 years ago

Hi, this is my first time posting, and I'm not technologically inclined, so sorry in advance for any faux pas.

In my zeal for house plants and impatience at finding a monstera deliciosa locally, I ordered a baby monstera from Hirt's on Amazon. My new baby arrived quickly (February 25th) during a bout of very mild weather, and didn't get too battered during shipping. I repotted it after a few days of rest, and it's thriving.

Here's my question: is this actually SEVERAL monstera plants? It looks for all the world like several separate plants to me. If it is, should I give each one its own pot? Space is not an issue, and I don't mind separating and repotting if necessary - I'm just not sure if it's necessary.

Thanks in advance!


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