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Food Processor / Blender

7 years ago

I am soon moving from my dysfunctionally-small kitchen to a real live adult kitchen. I am asking for appliance advice.

For mixing/breaking up food, at the moment I own:

1 Cuisinart Smart Stick.
1 Cuisinart Mini Prep with two settings (Chop, Grind).
1 ancient (it was my mother's) hand mixer with those twin rotary blades. Don't remember the brand, and it is already up at my new build.

The Mini Prep is fine, but it doesn't help much if I am cooking for multiples - indeed even for cooking for just one, I sometime have to divide to conquer (I often like to make several servings of stuff at once, out of convenience).

I am pretty sure I don't need a stand mixer - my dessert-making days are rare. My mother's hand-held mixer is fine for anything a stand mixer might do, or so I am thinking?? Could I be wrong, as I've been adapting for so many years in a kitchen where my platters were all back in a bedroom, and my rice maker (essential after several pot-destructions) lives in the dining room, and usually gets to sit outdoors on the back porch when I am operating it? (Since there are insufficient outlets/room here.)

But I do wonder what might be good for someone who really DOES like to cook (though I tend far more to savory than sweet)...

I like to make smoothies and juices, but I don't need to eliminate the pulp (the non-water-soluble nutrients are in the pulp). I need something that will pulverize hard veggies such as carrots or parsnips. I also make uttapam pancakes (lentils and rice that have soaked) which I have managed to do in the Mini Prep, in several divided batches.

I have friends who come over who like (at their own homes) to make mixed drinks (alcohol or not) and the ability to fragment the ice in a machine.

Do I want a blender, a processor, a Vitamax, or more than one of these?

I do have a $200 gift certificate at Macy's. If I find something available at Macy's, I'll go whole hog on paying for it. As noted, I am moving into a real kitchen, not something geared to late-60's TV dinners! Thanks!!!

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