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Need an idea for an old door

Amy J
7 years ago

We are putting an addition on our 1920s house which includes doubling the size of the current kitchen. One of the things I have always loved about our house is this door which separates the kitchen and dining room.

It is a solid 1.75 inches thick and swings both directions. Stays open into the dining room almost all of the time.

After much debate my husband and I have decided to open the wall between the kitchen and dining room, but want to keep the old look in a more modern layout. I've been racking my brain about how to incorporate this door into our new space. At first I thought I could use it as a powder room door (I've seen this in another house), but the door is actually too large (36" wide and 88" high) for that space. I've been googling and searching but it is far to nice to make into a garden accessory, a shelf or a headboard. I would actually like to use it as a door.

Then last night it hit me - we could alter our planned kitchen layout and use it as a pantry door. I love the idea that it stays in the kitchen and will be used often.

Here are the problems, all I can fit is a shallow (2ft by 5ft) pantry. Imagine this door centred on the 5 ft side. I can add a door knob to always pull it out, but the door will consume a big foot print in the space when it is open. It will swing right into the main traffic corridor so you can imagine it will be a major pain when one of the kids leaves it open (which I expect will happen often). If you were using new doors for 36" space I think they would be french or bi-fold style. I did think of the barn door style (not my favourite in this style of house) but with a 5-5.5ft wall there is not enough clearance on either side to slide the door open completely.

So, any other ideas? Cut it? Is that even possible? I do feel a bit sad about that, but at least I get to keep it.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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