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HHIreno et al in re SC and Snow-birding

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

What started as me convincing my DH that we should move to Canada when DD2 finishes high school (which she has to start first, but hey, time flies) has morphed into, no matter what we should probably not keep both of our current houses when the kids are in college. Our base case assumption is we would keep the beachhouse in New England. Assuming we don't flee the fatherland, it would make sense then, for our second home to be where it is warmer. For distance reasons, probably in the South.

Everyone's knee jerk reaction is FL and we know a lot of people with homes in Naples, but it doesn't send me. The income tax savings isn't a big driver either. When I look online, the homes and areas I fall in love with are all in SC. I must have been a low-country maiden in a prior life.

So my question .... what is that area like? Is it hostile to Yankee-bubblers, or only if we are hostile to them? Is it run over by Yankees? . Do you know Palmetto Bluff? I love the homes there, but it all looks very fake. Or like a Williamsburg re-enactment. Or, is it all just a movie set and there is no there, there.And a lot of them are short term rentals. I am also drawn to a more urban setting like Charleston, but it seems like high season there is when we would head back to NE. We don't need beach weather in January, but it should be at least in the high 50s

Another question for snowbirds generally --- do you like that lifestyle?

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