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How can things get any worse...I need your thoughts and prayers

7 years ago

In November my youngest dd had her 2nd knee surgery due to scar tissue and having a useless tendon removed. She had made a good recovery and is playing college soccer in the fall. She was not sure if she wanted to play her last year of high school soccer and I let it be all her decision. At the last minute she decided to play. We had our soccer meeting last night. I get a call from her around 5:50 and asked me to meet her outside to help her in. Two other teammates pulled up to bring her home. A fellow teammate ran into her the other day and my dd got a big raspberry on her thigh, same fellow teammate stepped on her foot the other day and bruised about 4 toes, and tonight it was the same fellow teammate. This teammate has also gone after some of the other players. Luckily we have a great school trainer and her got her iced up pretty good. I got her some crutches and on 800mg of ibuprofen. Tomorrow morning I am going to call her surgeon to see if we can see him and get an MRI asap. I believe this player needs to be kicked off the team. I am very emotional right now and my blood was boiling earlier....

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