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David Austin Roses, Are You Still Interested?

Of course I know many of you still are and I've seen some beauties here and in the general Rose section. Last night I went through the Austin on-line site and, frankly, after I had looked at all 160 or so roses they all looked alike to me, barring color and the few ramblers.

The new rose introductions, at least in pictures, look a lot like each other and the older ones. I'm wondering whether those of you who grow Austins have some that you think are outstanding and unique in some way that separates them from the "herd" and that you would never want to be without.

For me, the few that have stayed with me are the old Potter and Moore, which is no longer available, Bishop's Castle, and Wild Edric, which is a fairly new introduction that was quickly taken off the market, and so is also no longer sold by him. I also have two plants of Charles Darwin because I wanted some soft yellow accents among the pinks and whites and the occasional purple, but it has yet to prove its worth. It is a young rose and I will give it time to improve. Wild Edric is a thorny monster but when the blooms are good, they are large and very fragrant and have a reddish-purple color I love. I love the lilac pink color and fragrance of Bishop's Castle and so it stays. Sister Elizabeth was a favorite for it's fringed blooms in a cool lilac pink tone but it proved difficult to keep happy. Cottage Rose was too thorny and Sophy's Rose was not happy and went before the drip system was installed which I think would have saved it.

I would really like to hear about your favorites, those that for you stand out from the general run of Austin roses, and that have something unique about them which you would not want to be without.

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