Steak, steak, delectble steak

Roseberry Ranch
4 years ago

We took off early this am for Nashville. We went to Centennial Park and a few other touristy places. Tootsie's of course, but it isn't what I thought it would be at all. I don't recommend it, except for 1 time maybe. After that we did some shopping, and then later on stopped at Colton's Steakhouse to eat. I had Filet Mignon with fried onion tangles, baked potato and a delicious salad with Raspberry Tea. Tobey had a ribeye , salad and potato. Altogether it was a fun day. There is soooo much to see and do in Nashville. We are planning on another trip to enjoy a dinner cruise on the General Jackson. We are going to invite my daughter and hubs to join us. I think it would be more fun with the 4 of us.

If any of you have a Colton's steakhouse nearby, I highly recommend it. My steak was done perfectly (Medium rare) and was so ender and buttery. I ate the entire dinner, but no dessert. LOL I had to draw the line someplace.

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