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Comfortable Travel pants with closing pockets for women? Stores ?

linnea56 (zone 5b Chicago)
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Strange question, I know… When I travel I don’t want to
carry a purse or a fanny pack, and want to have hands free for my camera. This
seems to be an easy item to find for men, but not for women. I am planning
several trips to areas where I want to be more secure with my valuables. I know
I can use a money belt, and WILL, up to a point. But don’t want to have to
ferret around under my shirt for everything.

I am hoping to find something with at least 3 pockets with
flaps that close. I can always add Velcro if need be. “Cargo” pants are what I need, but I can’t
seem to find them in anything but junior/ teenager sizes that fit too slim in
the leg and rear. I am a size 14. I am 60 and don’t have the proportions of a
teenager anymore.

Stops at several outdoor stores have not resulted in
anything. I have tried Dicks (nothing at all), Erewhon (only pants for very
slender people, that choke in the wrong places.). Before I exhaust myself
trying, I wonder if any women have had luck with finding such an item. Thank

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