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how to turn connection off on PC

Lea Grabb
7 years ago

I just realized that even though I click on "disconnect" on my PC that I am still connected. I also realized that as soon as I turn on my PC I am connected. I have limited access so I don't need anything using data. If I don't have my IE browser or google opened up, nothing should be going on, correct? If I am just playing a game that is on my PC, I'm okay, right? I have a new software program, Family Tree Makers which I just installed; it is a 2005 version so I think it is an outdated version, so I don't think if will use any data which I am entering information. Yesterday I thought I was disconnected while I entered information that I got on line but I realized even though it looks like I'm not connected, per the little icon on the bottom right of my screen that I actually was as I could change pages with no problem. Is there an easy way? I have wifi so I guess that is what kept me connected. If I unplug the wifi which is easily accessible, would that work? Or would I make more work to re-connect.

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