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Customer says running vacuum turns dinning room light off, how?

Would appreciate any hints if you know what this could be. At a newer house (1980s) while changing a bulb in a lose socket, the customer shorted the dimmer. I came in and replaced the socket with a new one on the chandelier and replaced the Lutron Aradini dimmer. The customer says that when they turn on the vacuum cleaner, the light goes completely off and returns to full once the vacuum is shut off. I asked them many times if they meant a momentary loss or dimness and he insists that it is completely off. I do not know what to expect because it turning off completely does not seem possible. I could see a week back stab in the line causing flicker or dimness but not complete power loss. And if it did cause complete power loss, I would expect it to take the vacuum out with it. Any ideas?

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