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circut breaker trips everytime I turn off lights

14 years ago

I tried to install two recessed lights in series in a 57 year old house. The new fixtures don't use wire nuts they come with a plug type connection. I used the existing wiring to the first fixture and new wiring between the first and second fixture then the existing wiring from the second fixture. I hooked up the hot to hot and neutral to neutral. The new fixtures and new wire, have a ground however there is no ground in the original wiring. I have connnected the ground in the new wiring to that of the fixtures.

When i turn the light switch to the on position and then turn on the circuit breaker the lights come on. When I turn off the lights it trips the circuit breaker. I tried to check the connections, and while the light switch was in the off positon, I then tried to flip the breaker and it trips immediately.

I thought the polarity may be reversed so i plugged in the existing netural into the new hot connection and the existing hot into the new neutal connection. but the same results.

Please help with any advise.

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