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Kitchen/DR Pass Thru Question

7 years ago

I am buying a condo soooooon (I hope). The attached pictures are from the same model unit, but not the one I've contracted for. As you can see, the kitchen has a pass thru to the dining room. Some owners have taken down the entire wall to open the kitchen to the DR/LR, but I don't want to lose the wall cabinets to the left or the pantry to the right. However, I think I would prefer a more sleek opening. What are the negatives to eliminating the 10-inch high rise behind the sink and the 12-inch deep ledge that sticks out into the DR from a functionality POV? I know the kitchen would be more in view, but not sure how having just 9 inches behind the sink would look. FWIW, I'm also considering using the den opposite the kitchen as the DR. The DR area pictured is adjacent the LR and would be used to extend the LR space. So yea or nay to removing the 10-inch rise? Yea or nay to eliminating the ledge? TIA!

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