Dog is a bit too overprotective of my kids.


Yesterday DH's parents came over. I have a dog, Bernese Mountain Dog Mix, and he is so overprotective of my DD, 9 and DS, 3. He won't let my mother in law or father in law near the kids without snapping at them and growling it getting permission from me or DH. When Lola, my dog that recently passed away, was around he never did this. Ugh...

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So what are you going to do when the dog actually bites someone? You need to find a dog trainer immediately to help with this. Sorry, but even if the dog has never bitten anyone before, you don't know what will happen when the dog is faced with real strangers. Please get help.

If it were my dog, for right now, I would close the dog in another room while company is there. And then work on a real solution.

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It sounds like anxiety because your other dog has disappeared from his life . You might post on the pets forum advice as to what to actually do about it LOL. Many experienced and helpful people over there.

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You need a dog trainer NOW!

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