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Favorite gifts you GAVE this holiday season?

7 years ago

I finally finished the hooked Chinese Water Dragon I've been making all year for my granddaughter, who is fond of these lizards. It's a table mat, hooked with strips of wool fabric recycled from clothing. I dyed the purples in the background and the blue.

I also loved giving two photo books to my kids. Usually I add a lot of text, but this one was just photos--of my grandsons and their parents, plants in the garden, scenes of the old farm, etc. I would do more photo books if they weren't so expensive. I took advantage of a sale from in the fall.

Also in the photo line were several metal prints. I gave two to my step-granddaughters and a larger (10x10") one to my daughter and son-in-law. I think metal prints look stunning. They, too, are pricey, but had a good sale.

On Etsy I found a silver Tree of Life necklace with three tags, the tags bearing the first initials of her daughter and two step-daughters.

I had fun putting together 10 Street Kitchen meal kits for my son and daughter-in-law, who love ethnic foods.

And it was also fun to monogram two large microfiber cloths as a gift for my daughter. The monograms are the initials of her two cats, who go in and out and need to be dried off occasionally. :-)

What did you particular enjoy giving this year?

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