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Induction ranges - Bosch, Samsung

5 years ago

Have narrowed our choice for a new induction slide-in range down to the Samsung or Bosch.

1. What are the differences between the two samsung ranges? Is it mostly just that the more expensive one has the flex dual oven?

2. Any recommendations between the three (Bosch versus the two Samsung models)? Is the Bosch more powerful (and does it matter)?

3. This will be replacing an existing slide in range with a countertop strip along the back. The feedback we got from stores is that all the ranges generally will require us to cut out that strip. But i thought i saw a pic of the samsung model installed with the countertop strip. Anyone have any input?

4. One store said that Bosch was discontinuing the current model and replacing it with two ranges in Q1 2017. The first model would be in the 800 series and essentially replicate the current model. The second model would be a more expensive Benchmark line, and will look like the current benchmark cooktop; that is, will replace the current +/- induction control with the 1-through-9 control, and will add a bridge/flex element. Does anyone know if this is true or know anything else about the Bosch new models? Any word on release date?

Anything else i should know when choosing between these models?

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