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Here's a new game: Sinister Minister!

Since you guys like word games, perhaps you might enjoy this one, which I dreamed up years ago on a long car trip, when the usual time-passers had begun to pall. It's another one where the answer is always a pair of words, but in this case, they have to rhyme with each other, eg 'Sinister Minister'.

So first a question is posed, in the form of 'What do you call a ........ ?' and the answer is always a rhyming pair of words. For example:

Q: What do you call a creepy member of the Government? A: a Sinister Minister (Sorry, I just realised that may only work for Brits and Aussies, and Harry Potter fans..)

Q: What do you call an attractive automaton? A: a Hot Bot

Q: What do you call a non-physical breakfast dish? A: Ethereal Cereal

TIPS: It's always the most fun if the words relate to each other in an amusing, odd or apt way - and are as original as possible. For example, Hot-Spot and Silly Billy are already familiar phrases, so try and think up a new combination, like Hot Bot or Silly Filly, perhaps.

Also it's good to at least try and use as many syllables as possible, rather than always relying on one and two syllable words. Nothing wrong with starting off with them, though, if that's all you can think of - warming up the rhyming centres of the brain... :-)

The first one to guess correctly gets to set the next question.

Q: What do you call the minimum number of people needed in a GardenWeb discussion group?

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