I've "lost" my mind...and my plum pudding!

4 years ago

Last year, Christmas (or rather the plans around it) was a confused mess. My DD announced to one and all when she was pregnant with her 2nd child that from then on, they would be at THEIR home for all Thanksgivings and Xmases and anyone was welcome to come and share it there. That worked for her for 13 years, but last year, her DH's sister decided that they should all spend Christmas together as their mother now had dementia and they "needed to make memories for her before she lost her memory". Yes, you DID read that correctly! So, first DD and family WERE going east for Christmas; I did not order my annual plum pudding. They they WERE going to be home; I quickly ordered the plum pudding. It arrived and they WERE NOT going to be home. Okay -- plum pudding, like fruitcake keeps indefinitely. I put mine in a lower kitchen cabinet with baking pans and mixing bowls.

Then, this spring, I remodeled my kitchen. EVERYTHING came out of the cabinets and onto my DR table with a leaf in it. I remember putting the plum pudding there as well. That is the last time I remember that plum pudding!!! I just started looking for it and I cannot find it anywhere. I've looked in every cabinet/drawer in the kitchen. I've looked in a bar cabinet in the breakfast room. I've looked in all the cabinets in the breakfast room. I've looked in the sideboard and chest in the DR and the front hall (I have a "present drawer" in it). It has vanished from the face of the earth and I seriously doubt that some workman took a fancy to my plum pudding. I live in KY, not the UK!

So now I need to contact Mother Sperry and order another one. These are not cheap but she makes a fabulous plum pudding and is one of the nicest women with whom I've ever spoken. I know that as soon as it arrives, I'll find the other one. Oh yes, I COULD enjoy it over the winter, but these are not exactly "fat free" or "low calorie" so I don't want to tempt myself.

I wonder if I stuck it in the drawer in the chest in the guest room where the Christmas Crackers live....

to be continued....

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