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Got my order from Burling today!

7 years ago

Just wanted to give out a big shout for Burlington Roses! Burling is the best!! She's got the best bands and the best prices!! And so quick to get the order to you! I "needed" to replace a few of my roses that died, and she had them all in stock. Got JOCELYN, JOANNA HILL, SHADOW DANCER and BLUE RIBBON.

I lost JOANNA HILL a few yrs ago, and only ever got like one or two blooms on her. I wanted to replace her because my mom told me yrs ago that she carried a bouquet of JH roses when she and my dad got married way back the end of the 30's. Mom passed away in August at 98. She outlived Dad by a good 9yrs.

Then I just realized recently that my JOCELYN had died. Gotta have all the oddies!! And I had SHADOW DANCER since the first yr it was intro'd. Just noticed it died too. Guess the sprinklers weren't hitting those two. And I had gotten BLUE RIBBON several yrs ago from Vintage (or was it Heirloom??) and it died shortly after I planted it. Never got to see a bloom on it.

I just hope all these do ok, and I don't kill them. Not gonna put 'em in the ground for a couple yrs. I've never had much luck putting bands directly in the ground. I've ordered several times from Burling, and her roses do really great! If any of you out there are looking for a good own-root supplier with an interesting collection of roses, don't hesitate to order from Burling!! You won't be disappointed!

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