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Marconi pepper plant in Central Florida 9b, problems.

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I am having trouble keeping my pepper plant happy. It is in a pot, on the porch, but seems to get crunchy leaves, and tan spots on leaves ( see right leaf on pic). I try to keep the water at the right level- i use a water monitor thingy and try to keep it moist not wet, and do the deep watering every 2 days or so. To me it seems as if it is too hot. It wilts in full sun.. and now in the partial shade

it has gone crunchy and the new leaves just fell off today :( Sad. I just gave it an epson spray yesterday - seems like it made it worse. I gave it fish emulsion today hoping that might help. Any advice for growing bell peppers and marconi here in orlando? The weather is hot even though it is almost Nov

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