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Deciduous Azaleas in Central Florida?

18 years ago

I live in Melbourne, Florida and we're in zone 9B. I have a very well shaded pine lot with about 10 stunning evergreen azaleas that are doing wonderful. Each bush is about 5 feet in height and diameter. They are covered in flowers at this time. The types I have are all pink colored. Some are a deep, dark pink, some others are a pale pink with dark throats and still others are white with a light pink throat. I have decided to make azaleas a centerpiece in my landscape design and saw some pictures of some amazing yellow and orange-yellow deciduous azaleas. I would love to use them as a backdrop to some of my pinks for a contrast. Has anyone grown them or can they give me a specific species that I should look to acquire that may be able to take the florida heat? Do they need a specific amount of cold to produce buds for flowers? I have asked in the Florda forum but only got a few "I dunno" responses. Also is the soil preperation the same as for regular azaleas? Thanks for any help.

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