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Light football dinner for a picky eater

l pinkmountain
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I've decided to center Thanksgiving around watching football and have the turkey dinner on Friday. I don't have a TV at my house and SO will be here and his big joy on T-day is watching football so we'll go over to my dad's condo for that, I think that will be nice for dad too. I don't want to cook over there much so I'm planning on light, noshy things for the afternoon and a soup and appetizer dinner.

I'm going to bring pork stew made in the crockpot over for lunch, with rice and salad. Then for dinner, I'm thinking some kind of soup and noshes. Problem is, dad is super picky!! No peppers, onions or celery. No spinach, zuchinni, broccoli, cauliflower or cooked cabbage. I want it to be finger foods mostly.

Here's what I have so far:
Guacamole and chips, maybe bean dip, maybe not
Crudites and dip for me and SO
Cheese and crackers and mixed nuts
Fruit bowl

Now for the soup. Initially I thought squash soup, yum, but then the whole evening seems a little light on the protein. So I either need another protein snack, or some kind of protein in the soup. Chicken soup would be great, but seems not to go with the other foods. Bean soup with ham? That's two pork meals in one day. So maybe chicken enchiladas for lunch instead of the pork stew? I could do baked beans with sausage, or even just sausage, but that seems a rather starchy and fatty addition. Another option is some kind of chicken drumsticks . . . I need suggestions for either a soup with more protein, or another snack protein that isn't too unhealthy and also doesn't include the forbidden vegetables . . . I know, it's a pain!

Starchy and fatty and sugary, all my dad's favorite foods!

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