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Quick dinner ideas or where to find with picky eaters?

15 years ago

I'm currently working a lot and have a long commute (78 miles one way) so I'm looking for places where I can find some recipes and ideas for quick meals and quick preps. I've pretty much exhausted the ones I know and I'm tired of the same thing over and over. We have three issues.

1. DH doesn't like cheese (is lactose intolerant too, but can handle some milk) and many things I can throw in the oven has cheese as an ingredient.

2. I like to not use pre-packaged stuff from the store. Many quick recipes and cook books basically say buy this pre-cooked or this pre-packaged stuff. I'm trying to eat without all the preservatives much of that comes with as it causes me stomach issues.

3. I'm type 1 diabetic and I like to limit my carb intake to less than 40g/meal, so low carb for me would be a plus.

I really like to mix a few things up in a few minutes, put in the oven as the time in the oven I can spend doing something else, but quick cooking at the stove is OK too or the grill.

Any ideas where to find recipes with healthy and quick prep/cook recipes without buying pre-packaged stuff or if you have any without cheese I'd love to have them.

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