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Annie1992 salsa recipe - Thank you!

5 years ago

We had a open studio tour yesterday. The fourth or fifth year we participated. It is a fun event because we get a wide audience - art-lovers, old friends and old time locals who id mysterious objects large and small my dad had hung around the shop.

I made my third batch of Annie's salsa. I used a platter full of orange paste tomatoes because I had them - harvest season is thankfully winding down. And I used less cilantro (and a bit of basil) because my sister argues it tastes like soap.

Anyway the salsa was a hit - popular grown ups and kids. I got recipe requests, suggestions to bottle and sell and the approval of my picky soccer playing niece and her friend. She repeatedly said she didn't even know she liked salsa. Later her and her friend were stealing platefuls of chips and salsa out to their project to wave down/harass our passing neighbors. Her very direct friend told me NOT to give the recipe to his (equally direct) mom because she 'improves' recipes until they are horrible....

So thanks Annie!!!

My lovely niece!

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