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Considering leaving job because of commute

7 years ago

Hi all - I currently commute 80 miles a day for work (in Los Angeles traffic), which ends up being 2.5 to 3 hours each day in the car, alone. I've been working for my company for 2 years now, and while they have a ride share program, there isn't anyone that lives near me to carpool with, and aside from there also not being any vanpool options near me, that would only further lengthen my work day. Anyone in LA can tell you public transit isn't great, and not really an option for me. I feel myself starting to reach the breaking point of just hating sitting in traffic every day, and turning an 8-hour work day into a close to 12-hour work day, 5 days a week, every week (and once a month, I have to pick up a weekend 'half shift' as well, which still ends up being a 7+ hour day with the drive).

Moving isn't an option, as I just bought my first home in December and really like the suburban area I live in - I have absolutely no desire to live in LA; there is no option for job re-location with the company either, and it's not really the kind of job that would be feasible to work from home a few days a week. The area of my industry that I'm in now is the highest paying, and the job I have now is very good in terms of benefits, has a regular schedule, and no overtime (with exception of the monthly weekend shift, and one holiday a year), but I feel myself losing interest in the work and being bored a good amount of time. If I were to take a job closer to home, it would mean a substantial pay cut (likely 30-50%) and I'd presumably take a serious hit in the quality of benefits I currently receive working for a corporate company by going back to working in a private small business. When I think about my future, I'm pretty certain that small business wouldn't leave much room for professional (or financial) growth, but I also don't want to spend the rest of my career (I'm only 27) working 60 hours work weeks doing something I'm losing passion for, and feeling like I have no time for life outside of work. Maybe I'm just being dramatic, but thanks for listening and would appreciate any advice of anyone who's been in a similar tight spot as this.

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