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Would love some advice on my upcoming kitchen reno

7 years ago

My kitchen is dated...1998 to be exact and for our 25th anniversary we are doing some major (needed) renovations for our exterior and interior.

I am going to post photos of the plans and the kitchen as it existed back when I was much younger ( ideas of decorating have changed).

I'd love some thoughts on whether to leave my L-shaped island (peninsula?) as is but get rid of the bar height or if I should go with a 5' x 8' rectangular island or something similar. I have a 6" x 6" structural post that cannot be moved although I would like to wrap it in another material.

I would like to maximize my storage whatever configuration I choose. Unless there is something considerably wrong with the layout of my work zones, the appliances and sink would probably remain in the same locations (except the microwave). We do use the island for prep work even though there is no prep sink and I would prefer not to bust concrete to add a prep sink. I do most of the cooking, hubby does some of the prep work and we have no children.

Currently I have 3 huge, tall bar stools on each leg of the island and will be doing away with the seating on the dining room side. I want to go with standard height seating on the great room side, getting rid of the bar height.

I want stainless appliances, off-white (warm) cabinets that go to the ceiling (after I remove the popcorn finish), quartz countertops, wood or bamboo floors, stainless farmhouse sink and a backsplash (I've never had one). I would love to add an appliance garage for my stand mixer and espresso machine as well make sure I have a cabinet to house my garbage can. I also want real lazy susans. We are keeping the tongue and groove white juniper in the dining room and great room.

It's not the biggest kitchen in the world so I don't really know if I have room to do everything I want with regard to a microwave drawer, appliance garage and garbage can cabinet. And I really don't know how to address the structural post. The laminate countertops never really looked good around the post and there were always unsightly seams.

I feel like I don't know how to approach this renovation so any advice would be appreciated.

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