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New to the world of Adeniums

Hello Adeniums Forum,

I found this forum on eBay. One of the sellers had it as a suggested site for Adenium information. I have really been enjoying all of the valuable information you all are sharing.

I purchased my first seedling, Adenium Obesum called Triple Aphrodite that I plan to grow as a bonsai. It is currently about 4-5 inches tall. I received it in the mail about a week ago and have repotted it. It's gotten a new leaf. I'm hoping it is true to the photo, but we'll see.

I then purchased some seeds (Pink Panther & Black Diamond) soaked them overnight and potted them up yesterday. I'm hoping they sprout and are also true to their photos. Again, we'll see.

I'm trying not to get obsessed until I see how I do with what I have so far.

Just REALLY enjoying this forum.

Triple Aphrodite

Pink Panther

Black Diamond


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