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Two mirrors too much in this bathroom?

7 years ago


Small 8x5 master bathroom all in white tile

On far left: Combo tub/shower

In the middle: Kohler archer medicine cabinet (20"wx31"h) recessed over white godmorgon ikea vanity

Originally I had hoped to use the much larger Ikea godmorgon medicine cabinet, but it's too big to use with lighting above it due to my 7.5-ft ceilings. (long story, other thread here)

On the right: Toilet, and above it, (and here is my question): POSSIBLY, the Ikea Godmorgon medicine cabinet, measuring 23 3/4" wx37"h. I already assembled this and can only return for store credit, which is OK, but the storage is so fantastic that I sort of hate to return it. MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY: one of the reasons I wanted to use it was so that I could have plugs put inside it for my H's toothbrush and razor, because it has a wooden back! I can't do that with the Kohler over the sink, which has a mirrored back. This way I would still be able to get my hidden outlet and stash those things that need to charge out of the way!

Picture of Godmorgon:

So, what do you all say? Too many mirrors in such a small room? Too out-of-scale?

(Another potential option is that I did buy the white Godmorgon cabinet that matches my vanity, but I haven't assembled it yet. It's smaller, only 15"wide 37" high, but it wouldn't be another mirror at least... but I can also still return it for actual money back. Of course what I care most about is what will work and function and look best in the long run. Picture of that cabinet:)

This does not solve the problem of where I will store towels, since it will ruin my original plan to put a train rack over the toilet, but I'll deal with that later. At least I'd have the darned plugged in things taken care of ;-)

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